When coding sometimes we take days just thinking about the problem and procrastinate tackling the problem. I’m going to talk about why you sometimes its best to not think about the problem and just solve it.

Why not thinking will help you code faster.

Andrew Velez - 4/25/2019


I’ve talked about why you should be documenting your code and in this article i’m going to talk about how it’s done.

How to create documentation worthy of F.A.N.G.

Andrew Velez - 4/17/2019


Learn one of the coding practices that helps me figure out difficult problems and write better code.

Why writing notes while coding will help you become a better cod...

Andrew Velez - 4/16/2019


Why should you choose to follow your passion? Is it even worth it.

Is it hard to become a Game Developer?

Andrew Velez - 2/15/2019


Learn about the evolution of game music.

A Brief History of Video Game Music

Andy B. - 2/12/2019


Learn about some of the most influential game composers of all time.

Top 5 Video Game Music Composers

Andy B. - 2/9/2019


Learn 4 important reasons for why i enjoy Godot more than any other game engines.

Why I prefer Godot over other game engines

Wender L. - 2/1/2019


How early should you be testing you game? When should you let someone play your game?

Test your game early and it will pay off in the end!

Wender L. - 1/19/2019


Did you know Unity had command line features? In this short article you will learn how to build Unity using the command line and more.

Using Unity3D from command line to automate tasks

Wender L. - 1/17/2019


A lot of game developers think that all they need to learn is Unity and they are a Game Developer. There are so many aspects to Game Development and Web Development should be one of those aspects.

Should you learn Web Development as a Game Developer?

Andrew Velez - 1/1/2019


A short article on how i implemented Double Jumping in my game Happy Nut.

How to add double jumping to Unity

Andrew Velez - 12/23/2018