Why I prefer Godot over other game engines

Wender L.
Posted on 2/1/2019Last Modified: 2/17/2019

In this article I am going to enumerate 4 main points on why I like Godot game engine over Unity and other similar engines.

1. Interpreted

The GDScript is default's Godot programming language, inspired by python, one of the languages that grew the most in recent years. The language was designed to work with godot nodes. There are other options like C#, rust, python etc. Although my experience comes from C# I still prefer GDScript for its simplicity. Within a week I was coding it without struggle. Another plus is the built-in text editor that makes the experience of coding very comfortable. There is the option to change the c++ source code or add modules to extend engine and write critical code for performance. But most of the time we are prototyping experimenting features with a fast cycle.

This test aims to be a better emulation of real world api calling sprites and labels node functions. See bunnytest.

2. Open-Source

The communities around Godot make it easy to find solutions and learn about the game engine even more. There are a lot of devs discussing and implementing engine code and its good practice to learn from others perspective. It is free and always will be. No string attached. Unity is also free but their commercial aspect make some cases limiting and you are subject to their whims. See recent events with SpatialOS dispute. I can customize the engine for my own needs. Deleting plugins and nodes I don't want to use and creating custom editors (just like Unity).

3. Small

The download size is 30MB. With this size it is easy and fast to install on my different machines and various OS installed. Since I like to experiment many linux OS this is awesome! My old low spec laptop thanks it too. And if you want to export to others platforms like android, you will need an extra 200Mb file.

4. All in One

The game engine has code editor and 2D/3D scenes. While coding the help documentation is just one click away. Animation is easily integrated on engine with any property editable and function able to be called. This way I can focus on game engine in a single window, specially if you are using a notebook. The scene system is one of things that took my interest first. Everything is a scene with nodes containing other scenes. You can edit subtrees, cut, reuse, extract etc.
What do you think, will you give Godot a shot or will you stick to your own game engine? Id love to hear about your favorite reasons for using a game engine.

Wender L.
Posted on 2/1/2019Last Modified: 2/17/2019


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